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Rev. James E. Markham was born in Los Angeles, California to Thallious and Cella Stine Markham. He received his B.A. and teacher credential from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California and M. Div. From Melodyland School of Theology, while studying at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pepperdine University, and at Loyola Marymount University. He has been a math teacher for seven years in the Los Angeles Unified School District and ten years in the Rialto Unified School District.

In 1982, the late Bishop James Cummings assigned Rev. James E. Markham to Emmanuel Temple CME Church, in Victorville California. He gives glory to God and also to the vital role that outstanding individuals have contributed to his success in ministry. He is ever grateful to his present Episcopal leader, the Rt. Rev. Henry M. Williamson who has taught him the critical principles of partnership, investment in the One Church and One School initiative, addressing health issues, supporting Third World concerns (thru the Tenth Episcopal District), and endorsing the eight quality characteristics of growing churches- to him Rev. Markham is immeasurably thankful.

Due to the concerted efforts of Almighty God and the ministers, officers and industrious members of E.T., the following accomplishments may be acknowledged at this time;

These vital ministries, along with the assistance of the gifted Rev. Dr. Janice Davis, the ministers, officers, members and the predecessors of E.T., the late Rev. T. P. Lee and Rev. Chester Tollette have contributed to the growth of E.T. as a church.

Pastor Markham is proud to have been a delegate to all of the general conferences since 1990, and to have served as vice president of the committee on evangelism. He is presently enjoying his role as secretary of the committee on ministerial examination of the Southern California Region.

Lastly, Rev. James Markham is proud of his five lovely children, James, Jude, Candace, and Jonathan and Jonathan Markham II (his grandson) he is a widower, married to the late Alinecia Clegg Markham. He is also elated over his sons and daughter in the ministry: Such as Rev. William Bell, pastor of St. Peter’s CME Church, a protégé of Dean Brown and ITC; Rev. Eric Bell, Rev. Gloria Coburn, pastor of Word of Faith CME Church in Barstow, California, Rev. Rachea Reece-Peeplez, and Rev. Bernard Jackson of Saint James CME Church in Columbus, GA. They are all inspirational and encouragement to him as he goes about his ministry in the High Desert of Victorville, California. His favorite lines on Sunday morning is, “God is good-All the time and All the time-God is good” Two guiding principles have contributed to the success of E.T., giving God the glory for all the things that he has done and living by the principle of, "Together We Can!"